I have been writing professionally for the past twenty years or so and have had various articles, features, reviews and books published, mainly on , but also on . Apart from writing two books on the groups U2 and Wishbone Ash, I have also written many sleeve or liner notes for CD releases on such artists as Ten Years After, Robin Trower, Bryn Haworth, After The Fire and Pat Benetar. For a complete list of all my published sleeve notes press here

You can buy my book on the 70's group Wishbone Ash here

You can buy my book on U2 here

I have also had many educational books published through the company MW Educational.

There is also a guide for parents on the 11+ exam which is published by Hadleigh Books .

In the last few years I have had the following books published:-

 "The Power of Thankfulness" More details here

Britain's Road Tunnels published by Amberley Books 

Parkway Railway Stations published by Mortons Books

A Practical Guide to Meditation published by Hadleigh Books

Britain's Motorways published by Amberely Books 

All these books are available as a signed edition at Hadleigh Books

List of books published by Mark Chatterton:-

Blowin' Free - 30 Years of Wishbone Ash (with Gary Carter) - 2001

The Complete U2 Encyclopedia - 2002

The Ultimate U2 Encyclopedia - 2004

The Primary English Directory - 2009

The Primary Maths Directory - 2009

The Student's Guide to English - 2014

The Student's Guide to Mathematics - 2014

The 11+ - A Practical Guide for Parents - 2015

British Road Tunnels - An Introduction - 2016

British Motorways - An Introduction - 2016 

British Railway Trains & Stations Book 1 - Southern England - 2016

British Railway Trains & Stations Book 2 - East Anglia - 2016

British Road Bridges - An Introduction - 2017

The Power of Thankfulness - 2019

A Practical Guide to Meditation -2020