Railways have always been in my blood. My maternal grandfather worked at Springs Branch Loco Depot, Wigan, and my Paternal Great-grandfather worked at Crewe Works. I actually used to travel by train to school in the 1970's for a period of seven years. I was into train spotting at this time and travelled all over England by train. In the 2000's I started to travel all over the country by train visiting many places I hadn't been to before. In 2014  I completed the feat of travelling over every passenger railway line in Britain. In fact I have never lived more than a mile away from a railway line!

For the past few years I have been extensively on Britain's railways. This is partly through my railway website, "Branch Line Britain" and through for various railway magazines including Railway Magazine, Traction and Railways Illustrated.

Here is a link to my railways website:-

Branch Line Britain